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Multilingual Program

The goal of the Multilingual Education Program is to develop the English language proficiency of eligible multilingual learners so they can become socially and academically successful in SHSD. Multilingual learners in our district speak more than 29 languages. We strive to promote respect and appreciation for diverse languages and cultures.

Referral Process
Students registering with SHSD who indicate that English is not their first learned language on the Home Language Survey, are given the WIDA English Language Proficiency Screener, to determine eligibility for the Multilingual Education Program.

This placement test must be given within 10 days of the student’s entry into the school district.

SHSD uses a Sheltered Instruction model at the high school level. Offered by a growing number of school districts, students are purposefully clustered in select grade levels with a teacher who holds a bilingual endorsement. Students in these classrooms receive support from both the classroom teacher and the multilingual language learner (MLL) teacher.

At grades K-8 SHSD provides a supportive mainstream model. Students access grade-level academic content and English language development through participation in their classrooms, with support provided either individually or in small groups by specifically trained educators.

Patricia Kadel
Multilingual Language Learner (MLL) Teacher

Jody McDonald
Multilingual Language Learner (MLL) Teacher


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