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Volunteer Application Process

Step 1: Volunteer Application
(Includes Background Check)

Complete your online volunteer application

  • Volunteer applications are processed online.

  • Once you are approved as a volunteer in our online system, your application materials will stay active for as long as you volunteer with SHSD. Every two years, we will ask whether you would like to stay active, and if so, request your permission to complete a new background check.

  • Please submit your completed application at least two (2) weeks before the expected volunteer service tart date. Background check reports take up to two weeks to clear, and occasionally longer.

  • All assistant volunteer coaches, overnight chaperones, and extended trip volunteers will also need to complete a fingerprint background check.

  • If there are any records on your background check or your report shows possible duplicates (criminal records of other Washington State residents who have similar names to yours), the school volunteer program coordinator will reach out for additional information. Expect additional time for this process.

Step 2: Complete Online Training and Handbook Review

Complete online Safe Schools training, including review of SHSD Volunteer Handbook.

Step 3: Check-in with Office Team

Before you enter a SHSD school, the school office team must verify your information in person. Please have a government-issued photo ID ready.

Have questions about volunteering in SHSD?
Dana-Lynn Ballou